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blog dedicated to laura wiggins and karen jackson

“Karen on the other hand, is pretty despicable. Even knowing what we do about her past, it’s hard not to hate her at times. Then again, she probably hates herself more than we ever could. There’s always an undercurrent of sadness with Karen that rises to the surface, no matter how funny her scenes are.”

what girls are made of; five fanmixes dedicated to the fabulous young women of shameless us.

01. extraordinary girl | a fiona gallagher playlist [listen]
02. femme fatale | a veronica fisher playlist [listen]
03. something good | a debbie gallagher playlist [listen]
04. porcelain | a mandy milkovich playlist [listen]
05. dirty business | a karen jackson playlist [listen]

a beautiful mess

Listen honest, I don’t love you.

I sometimes wish I stayed inside my mother, never to come out.

too angry to love anything, to feel anything else
 force of nature only in her own recklessness (x)

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